We are working to prevent vicarious trauma. We are working to create resources for providers treating those affected by trauma of natural disaster, domestic terrorism, and mass violence. If you interested in our Mentorship Network Program to support displaced survivors with trauma-informed care please contact us directly.

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Ask an Expert about Trauma Informed Care!!!!


Our work is dedicated to providing resources and training to support and assist mental health providers and volunteers who are aiding survivors and the community in response and recovery efforts.  

We invite colleagues who share the same aim to collaborate and share resources provided here.

Please contact us for more information. 


What we plan to Achieve

  • Aid to prevent vicarious trauma for responders at all levels. 

  • Weekly podcasts to address questions and comments on trauma-informed care. 

  • To support displaced survivors we are developing a Mentorship Network Program for mental health professionals and volunteers to use trauma-informed care. 

  • Provide resources, research, and collaborations within the mental health field to better serve survivors and communities of domestic terrorism, mass shootings, and disasters.

  • Through education and training we are working to provide resources to better aid mental health providers to work with trauma, traumatic stress, secondary traumatic stress, trauma-informed care, and compassion fatigue.

  • Aid volunteers to better increase their knowledge about Psychological First Aid through education, resources, and training.  

  • Provide mental health resources for survivors and communities of those who experience domestic terrorism, mass shootings, and disasters.