This site is for those who seek to do the right thing and make whole again torture victims and their families. This site was invented after the Hoffman Report was distributed by The American Psychological Association (APA). 

This site provides the useful information to assist in enabling Tulane research team members, Initiative Committee members of APA, and our Expert Panel to do the best job possible to produce the three handbooks and companion resources for torture survivors, their loved ones, and those who care for them. 

We now open up this site to colleagues who share the same aim. Like a library, use, share, resources linked here and collaborate. We know it may be impossible to stop torture, given the reality of human behavior and history, we can help those harmed, stop those who harm and help them become whole as well as the torture victim.

This site will provide more and more resources to learn about how the torture traumatized are able to recover -- the risks and protective factors -- and how APA can help make them whole; enable them to recover from their mental and physical injuries and transform their horrific treatment into life-long lessons that enable them to find peace and joy again in their lives. 

Note: all information, videos axioms, interviewers, interviewees, are providing information only for educational and research purposes this is not intended to provide medical advice or endorsements. 

What plan to Achieve

  • Provide resources and allow collobrations within the field. 
  • Through our work we will develop a series of handbooks to treat torture survivors.
  • Through research create a textbook for training purposes for better treatment of torture survivors.
  • From our work we plan develop further research to aid the field of torture trauma.
  • Create a dialog for this work and create open resources and further develop interdiscplinary appraoches for treatment.