Tulane Traumatology Institute Overview


The Mission of the Tulane University Traumatology Institute (TTI) is to promote research, innovation, and interventions that help the traumatized thrive despite their challenges. 


Leadership in the field of trauma through innovation and research publications.


Leadership means being the first to point in directions and topics that deserve attention. The Institute’s Mission -- innovations and research promotion -- is consistent with the six major goals of the Traumatology Institute:

  1. Develop cutting-edge research, assessment, training and education programs focusing on the traumatized that include individual children and adults, families, organizations, and nation states.
  2. Promote networking among scholars through the Institute's Scholar Program.
  3. Serve as the editorial home of the peer reviewed Routledge Psychosocial Stress Book Series
  4. Promote and support research by students, faculty, and visiting scholars at the Institute.
  5. Provide system-wide services to the traumatized in and around the communities affected in New Orleans.
  6. Host national and international symposia that promote the Institute's Vision.