Charles R. Figley, PhD

Traumatology Institute Founder

Dr. Charles Figley was named the Paul Henry Kurzweg, MD Chair in Disaster Mental Health at Tulane University in 2008. He left his long-time home at Florida State University. At FSU Professor Figley served as the senior professor in the area of trauma and Director of the PhD Program in Marriage and Family. Dr. Figley acquired permission from the Florida Board of Regents and the FSU leadership to establish the Traumatology Institute. It was the first of its kind and established specifically because of the Oklahoma City bombing (April 19, 1995)of the Federal building. The Institute emerged as a resource for the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology. The Institute was instrumental in establishing the first set of treatment guidelines, and ethical standards for both the study and treatment of the traumatized. In 2000 the Institute was recognized as the best program of its kind by the University Continuing Education Association 2000. 

In 2007 Dr. Figley accepted his current position at Tulane University in New Orleans and brought the Institute with him, becoming the Tulane Traumatology Institute. Since then then Institute has collaborated on seven project. Three of the most recent are featured here. Past projects have focused on Japan (Triple Disaster), Kuwait (Raha measure and the household survey of trauma), Turkey (clinical trauma training), Katrina-related mental health consequences, combat medic mettle project, and others.

Background: Dr. Figley attained full professor status in 1983 at Purdue University with a joint appointment as professor of psychological sciences. Dr. Figley established the renowned Purdue University Family Research Institute and established two Journals as Founding Editor, the Journal of Psychotherapy and the Journal of Traumatic Stress. In 1995 became Founding Editor of Traumatology, the International Journal. Also Dr. Figley is founding editor several book series (e.g., the Innovations in Psychology book series with Taylor & Francis). Currently, Dr. Figley is editor of the oldest book series on trauma, the Psychosocial Stress Book Series with Routledge.

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Prof. Charles R. Figley, Ph.D., the Paul Henry Kurzweg, MD Distinguished Chair in Disaster Mental Health at Tulane University and School of Social Work Professor and Associate Dean for Research.

Phone: 504-862-3473 


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