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Jennifer MacNeill, BA, MS, MA Candidate 2018

Jennifer MacNeill is a second year graduate student in Tulane's Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy, a Master’s program academically housed in the Tulane School of Social Work. She is an alumna of Tulane, having earned her B.A. Degree in Social Sciences in 2012, followed by a Master of Science from New York University in Global Affairs/Human Rights and International Law in 2014. She has volunteered in a humanitarian capacity or conducted research in more than ten countries around the world, including India, Rwanda, Malawi, Brazil, Guinea, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and others. In May 2016 she completed a nine-month certificate in Global Mental Health: Trauma and Recovery through the Harvard Program for Refugee Trauma. For her career path, she aims to find a place at the intersection between assisting with trauma recovery and humanitarian assistance. She is interested in trauma research to contribute to learning more about how to prevent, and respond to, trauma- both domestically and abroad, individually and collectively.