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What is Torture?

This is provided for introductory information. Presentation by Dr Porterfield with commentary by Charles Figley

  1. Presentation on an overview of torture
  2. Presentation about Torture in Medieval Times

United Nations and Torture:

This provided for introductory on torture and is not a complete list. 


Website Links:

  1. Human Rights Watch on the psychological effects of solitary confinement and other detention conditions on detainees including children and prisoners in the US.

  2. Redress is a UK based group that focuses on ending torture, seeking justice for survivors.

  3. Council on Foreign Relations discussion of a report by Open Society Foundation regarding the CIA's secret detention and extraordinary rendition program.

  4. Coalition for an Ethical Psychology is a group formed years ago to bring pressure to change APA policies that enable psychologists who enable torture.

  5. A torturer speaks up in a letter to John McCain: Documents that torture continues

  6. Feinstein Proposes Reforms to Prevent Future Use of Torture