Bibliography and Literature

This supplies a link to bibliography and literature used for the research provided for easy access.This information is provided for educational purposes and all legal and copyright laws must be followed. 

KEY WORDS FOR PUB-MED LITERATURE SEARCH: Torture AND (amygdala, antidepressants, anxiety, anxiety medication, art therapy, assessments, asylum, barriers to treatment, basal ganglia, biofeedback, border violence, brain function, brain mapping, cerebral, child soldiers, children, chronic pain, cingulate gyrus, classification of types, community interventions, compassion fatigue, corruption, counseling, culture competency, depression, developing countries, disasters, drug trafficking, emergency medicine, end-of-life, environment, ethics, extremists, families, family medicine, first aid, fMRI, Guantanamo, handbook for treatment, health, health provider, healthcare, hippocampus, homeless, hostage and treatments, human function, human needs, human rights, human trafficking, hypothalamus, imaging, immigration, injuries, international treatments, interrogation, invisible wounds, Istanbul Protocol, limbic system, management, massage therapy, medical history, medical providers, medicine, memories, mental disorders, mental health, migrants, military, mutilation, neuroimaging, neurology, neurotransmitters, pain treatments, personality disorders, pharmacology, policy, political prisoners, post-conflict, post-traumatic brain injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder, pregnancy, primary care, prisoner of war, prisons, protocols, providers, psychiatry, psychology, PTSD, questionnaire, rape, refugee, religion and treatment, research on human subjects, resilience, secular violence, selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor, sex-trafficking, silent wounds, sleep, social determinants, somatization, SSRI, stigma, substance abuse, suicide, survivors, thalamus, therapy, training, transference, trans-generational, trauma informed care, trauma, treatment matrix, treatment models, treatments, united nations, veterans, violence and treatments, war, women, world health organization.)

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Other relevant publications: 

  1. Factsheets and Videos: Impact of Trauma in Underserved Populations:  We are excited to announce that these resources are now available through Division 56's website. You may access the materials using the following link:

  2. Kira, I. A. (2017, February 16). A Critical Outlook at Torture Definition, Structure, Dynamics, and Interventions a Brief Research Report. Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology. Advance online publication. 

  3. Başoğlu, M.D., Ph.D., edited book on Torture and Its Definition in International Law: An Interdisciplinary Approach with contributions from prominent mental health, human rights, and international law scholars, aimed at facilitating a sound theory- and evidence-based understanding of torture in international law. (Released August 2017.)

  4. Detention Conditions and Mental Health at Guantanamo(see below) by Human Rights Watch
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